The Beater Response Creed

The Beater Response Team reacts
with utter disregard for facts,
For reasons mortals fail to grasp.

Bound not by some uncertain need,
or vision, thought, or craft or creed,
Might that we meet creation's need!

The possible is only there
to challenge we who daily dare
to try where others seldom fare.

Beaterdom is not about
some theory, mind or dollar clout
but simply being here, without.

Less is more. We never ask,
why Heaven dealt us such a task
as living within nothing's grasp

Others daily join the grind
to gather stuff that most will find
just strengthen all the ties that bind.

Freedom's not some idle word,
it's lived and only then observed
as life's eternal act absurd.

In being other, heaven's joy
has ample means to us employ
as she see's fit, her beaterboy.

Off I flew, Like a bird that knew, Just what to do, and right on cue.
Gathering A great person is one who corrects self and corrects others.


That guy MacKay, He just came by, Don't know why, Didn't say "Hi".
I don't know how
this came to be..