On the Great Gathering Day, 11/09/2020
11+9 == 20 Today is 202020 Pure Yin

A great person is one who corrects self
and corrects others.

Correcting oneself, there is no ego;
spirit and energy do not dissipate,
and rectitude becomes the self.

Correcting others, there are no personalities;
character and constitution are sublimated,
and rectitude becomes people.

Correcting self and correcting others,
inwardly thoughts do not arise,
and externals do not enter:

Inside and out are one single rectitude
benevolence, justice, courtesy, and knowledge
are all based on truthfulness.

When the primordial is gathered together,
essence is stabilized
and life is solidified.

䷬ ䷖ ䷁ ䷋ ䷇ ䷢ ䷓ ䷏
䷒ ䷎ ䷁ ䷊ ䷆ ䷣ ䷭ ䷗